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Forcher's Dance Center is the competitive and performance dance group of Forcher's Dance Center. In addition to competing 1-2 times per year, we also perform a large number of free and charity shows for the local community. The costs associated with the team come from costumes, travel to and from shows, props for performances and, mostly, competition fees for the one competitive event we go to each year. 

Our most favorite shows each year are the ones we do at local area nursing homes. The kids usually spend time with the residents and we often arrange to have gifts brought from other local community or school groups. 

We do not base joining our team on financial status so we try to fundraise throughout the year to help keep our kids dancing without greatly impacting their parents' ability to provide for their families.

Because we are a division of a for profit studio, we do not qualify for a non-profit exemption status. However, you can still help.

Please consider giving via our GoFundMe fundraiser and help us keep dancing and giving throughout Irving and the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex!

If you prefer, you can shop our efundraising page, purchase some gift items for others or things you'd like for yourself and we will receive part of the profits of any sales you make. Please visit our shop to see what's available!


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